Another great question that I received based on another post about contacting Instagram support. Hopefully, my experience trying lớn get help from Facebook support will help others in need. As a side note, I also wrote a post about contacting Pinterest support if you need assistance reaching out lớn that team.

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Hey Sean,

I saw your article about contacting Instagram, but I actually need to lớn contact Facebook customer service to lớn get my password rephối and regain control of my account. How vày I liên hệ Facebook support? Any inside ideas on good ways khổng lồ actually get someone at Facebook lớn help? Is there an gmail address or phone number to lớn call? Even a Facebook support chat would be helpful.


Just as with most of the big social networks, it’s pretty tough khổng lồ get someone at Facebook khổng lồ help you resolve an issue. Whether you are like Davis và have been locked out of your trương mục or you have another reason for needing assistance, it can be rough going.

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Options For Contacting Facebook For Custom Support

For quick assistance, here are link to lớn the various ways khổng lồ liên hệ Facebook support detailed below.

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Over my many years working in digital marketing and social truyền thông, I have sầu had plenty of reasons for contacting Facebook customer tư vấn. Whether it was for myself or helping on behalf of one of my clients, I have had several reasons for contacting Facebook in the past. These include situations like:

I was locked out of a client’s Facebook page.I had a client who forgot the password for their personal Facebook tài khoản and no longer had access to lớn the tin nhắn address associated with their account.I had Facebook ads that were rejected và some that were discontinued after they had already been approvedOne of my clients was being harassed on their Facebook page và needed assistanceAnother client had their Facebook tài khoản hacked, which gave the hacker full access lớn their company Facebook pageI actually had a situation where a scammer was replicating my Facebook posts & pretending they were me.A friend of mine had a relative sầu die and needed help getting access to lớn the deceased’s Facebook account.

As you can imagine, these issues required a bit more assistance than the Facebook forums offered. In each of these situations, though, I was able lớn determine a way lớn get someone at Facebook tư vấn lớn respond và get the issue resolved.

Unfortunately, Facebook has a notoriously detached customer service system và there isn’t one “right” or “best” way to lớn get a response. There isn’t a magic Facebook customer service phone number that anyone can just dial up và speak with the customer service representative sầu.

Also, while there are several different Facebook customer support tin nhắn addresses out there, they generally aren’t the most effective sầu way khổng lồ get assistance (more on that later).

This means you might have khổng lồ try multiple different was khổng lồ get in touch with them.

To help, here are several different ways that I have sầu used khổng lồ get in contact with Facebook. Hopefully, you won’ t have khổng lồ try all of them.

PLEASE NOTE: I try lớn keep these liên hệ methods updated as frequently as possible. Facebook occasionally disables tin nhắn addresses or changes them. If you get a bounced tin nhắn from one of the tương tác methods below, let me know via my tương tác size or in a bình luận và I’ll try lớn find an alternate. Also, if you have sầu an additional tương tác method that you think would help others, be sure lớn tóm tắt it.

Liên hệ Option #1 – Use The Facebook Help Features

The first step khổng lồ take is the most logical. Facebook has built out a pretty robust help system, so try using it và see if some of their automated tools can help you out. Believe sầu it or not, using Facebook’s Help Center lớn skết thúc your messages khổng lồ the company can be a reliable way lớn connect with Facebook for some of the easier-to-resolve sầu issues.

In many cases, Facebook has built communication bots to reply to the most common issues và respond with the steps to lớn fix the problem. Facebook’s help center can help you address issues concerning:

To use the help center, simply log into the desktop version of Facebook & navigate to the Facebook Help Center webpage. To bởi this, cliông xã the big question mark inhỏ in the upper-right corner and cliông xã the links that says “Help Center”.

The “Help Center” links will get you to the Facebook Help Center.

Once you have sầu access khổng lồ the Help Center, simply nhận xét the options toolbar to determine which category your issue falls inlớn.

Facebook help center can assist with a broad range of user issues

The toolbar is located at the top of the screen just beneath the search bar. You will have sầu to lớn drag the mouse cursor over every option lớn view their subsections.

You can also kiểm tra out the “Popular Topics” or “Questions You May Have” sections on the webpage. These two sections cover a good number of complaints và issues.

The Facebook Help Center website has both these sections on its main page. You can then select the relevant section.

For instance, if your Facebook tài khoản has been hacked, go to lớn the “Privacy và Safety” sections & cliông xã on “Hacked and Nhái Accounts”. You will see a number of suggestions pop up in the drop-down menu beneath the search bar, just choose the one that fits best.

Quichồng Tip: You can expedite this process by clicking on the tìm kiếm bar on top of the Help Center page and typing in a few words related to lớn your query. The Help Center will then try to get you khổng lồ the correct help section as quickly as possible.

Facebook has more than 100 liên hệ forms for just about any problems you may run into while using the platform. You can also try sending your message via the “General Feedback” liên kết. However, Facebook does make it clear that you may not ever get a reply.

The company states that they cannot Review và respond to every Feedbaông chồng submission adding that they use the feedbachồng to improve the Facebook experience for all users. This avenue can be very frustrating, but it won’t hurt lớn give it a try.

Liên hệ Option #2 – Use Facebook Live Chat

Facebook offers live sầu chat as a means of getting help through their agents. Unfortunately, Facebook Live Chat is only available for business accounts. They bởi vì not help with standard user accounts, which leaves the vast majority of their user population without a chat option.

If you vày have sầu a business, the live sầu chat starting point isư vấn.

Facebook chat tư vấn offers assistance khổng lồ business users.

Millions of customers use it to lớn forward their queries to the company. The department that operates the chat windows handles issues including:

Recovering hacked Facebook business accountsRecovering disabled Facebook accountsResetting passwordsAssisting when a business user can’t receive sầu code lớn rephối requestsProblem with a Facebook business page

Be aware that Facebook live sầu chat is not always available 24/7. If you don’t see the indicator as to lớn the duration of the wait, then Facebook chat might not be available.

The department (located in the Call centers in Greensboro, NC, và Belize) is open from 9 am to lớn 5 pm from Monday through lớn Friday. The average wait time of Facebook Live Chat is about 3 minutes.

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Contact Option #3 – Try The Facebook Forums

For those who don’t operate a business tài khoản, another way of getting help with Facebook queries is lớn connect with other users in the Facebook Community Forum.

To access the forums, log into lớn Facebook và, from any page, cliông xã the question mark located at the top right corner of the website page. A drop-down thực đơn will pop up, và at the top, you will see the “Help Center”. You can also just use this direct liên kết khổng lồ the Facebook Help Center.

Clichồng and then scroll all the way down the page. Near the bottom of the page and khổng lồ the left, cliông chồng on “Visit Help Community”. This link will take you directly to lớn the forums. If you want khổng lồ bookmark a directly liên kết to the forums, the URL is .

In the Facebook help forums, you can browse queries by category/topic or utilize the search box on top of the web page. At the top right of any forum page, you will see a gray tab with the words “Ask a Question”. Click on the link and select the appropriate top or sub-topic on the next page.

The Facebook diễn đàn allows you to lớn ask questions of other Facebook users.

Type in the question you need help with & be patient as you might have to lớn wait a while for others lớn respond.

To monitor your question, you can đánh giá your “Support Inbox” by clicking on the question mark icon in the upper-right of any page and choosing “Support Inbox”.

The Facebook support inbox allows you to monitor và respond khổng lồ any messages from Facebook support.

Here you can see if an actual Facebook staff thành viên or useful member of the Facebook community replied to the problem.

Contact Option #4 – Use The Facebook Support E-Mail Addresses

Another more reliable & convenient way of contacting Facebook is through a number of tin nhắn addresses. The customer service agents usually reply on a first-come, first-serve basis. The departments are open 24/7.

However, if you send an email late in the night, don’t expect khổng lồ get a reply until the following day. In fact, the customer service agents often take 24 hours or more to lớn reply with the most likely time of response being around 3 pm.

The tin nhắn addresses you can use to liên hệ Facebook via email include:

– You can use this email address lớn inquire about recovering disabled accounts, recover hacked accounts, resetting a password, receiving code khổng lồ remix, and problems with the page. You can also try using this size if your personal Facebook trương mục was disabled.

– Use this for inquires about appeals if your content has been blocked or if your account has been suspended. You can also try using this khung to lớn appeal your personal Facebook account being suspended.

– This is a very basis tư vấn tin nhắn & you should be very, very detailed about your issue if you use this general gmail address.

– This gmail address is specifically for financial issues that are related khổng lồ your Facebook activities.

– This gmail is monitored pretty closely, but don’t try to lớn use it for situations other than reporting abuse.

chú ý that to lớn increase your chances of getting a non-generic reply or getting a reply faster, ensure that your tin nhắn is brief, concise, and straight to lớn the point. Be descriptive sầu & keep to the primary concern talking points.

Liên hệ Option #5 – Liên hệ A Facebook Ad Representative

In order for you to lớn reach the Facebook Ads Support, you must have sầu an active sầu Ad account. The trương mục also needs to lớn have an Ad spkết thúc billed khổng lồ the trương mục.

If you have one, log inlớn your trương mục và navigate to the Ads Help Center. You can use this link – Scroll down và click on the “Still Need Help” section. Go lớn where it says “Liên hệ Our Support Team”.

From there, you can clichồng on the Chat button.

There are a number of questions that you can ask Facebook Ads support. The categories are broken down as follows:

Policy và Account SecurityBilling và PaymentsBusiness pagesAd management toolsAdsMeasure and Improve sầu Results

Even if your query does not fall into lớn the above categories, you can choose the closes one, & the Facebook Ads support representatives will steer you in the proper direction (generally). This method is amuốn the most reliable since Facebook knows you are a paying user.

You get access lớn features and tools you couldn’t before once you advertise with Facebook. Therefore, if you have a question regarding something that you deem essential, spending those extra dollars on an Ad can be your way through khổng lồ Facebook support.

Note: Your Facebook ad spkết thúc doesn’t have sầu to lớn be a lot to lớn get access to lớn these tools. Once you run an ad, even with a total budget of $10, you are now a paid Facebook advertiser and have sầu access khổng lồ tools.

Contact Option #6 – Using LinkedIn To Find Facebook Staffers In Your Network

If you really need to tương tác Facebook, think outside the box.

You can use other social networking platforms to lớn try khổng lồ contact Facebook. One of the best platforms that can help with this is LinkedIn. You simply have sầu khổng lồ find someone in your network who works at or was a previous Facebook employee. Who knows, maybe they can help or at least point you in the right direction.

To find someone in your LinkedIn network who works at Facebook, follow these steps:

Near the top, you will see the option to view the more than 60,000 employees who work at Facebook. Click this links to get khổng lồ a page displaying all users who have listed Facebook as current or past working experience in their profiles.You can narrow your search results through the “filter connections” tab on the filter bar. Choose the option to only display the first & second màn chơi connections.

Need help with Facebook? Try finding contacts you are connected with on LinkedIn

Once the filter is in place, you will see the users in your network who are first & second level connections. Contact these people khổng lồ determine if they can be of help.

NOTE: Don’t pester your contacts who work at Facebook with small issues like password resets or questions like how lớn show the Most Recent view of your Facebook feed instead of the Top Stories view. Save these types of contact for those issues where your business is locked out of their trương mục or other critical issues

Contact Option #7 – Contacting Facebook Via Twitter

I know…it sounds kindomain authority crazy to try to lớn tương tác