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Intro Specifications Performance Recommendations



Sigma 18-35milimet f/1.8 DC, Nikon version (will not cover full frame; DX and APS-C coverage only, 72milimet filters, 28.5 oz./809g, 0.92"/0.28m close focus, about $800. Also comes in Canon EOS, Sony Alpha, PentaxSigma mounts.) The biggest source of support for this free trang web is when you use these links, especially this liên kết directly lớn this lens at Adorama and this liên kết to lớn it at Amazon, when you get anything, regardless of the country in which you live. It helps me keep adding lớn this miễn phí trang web when you get yours through these liên kết — but I receive sầu nothing for my efforts if you buy elsewhere. Thanks for your support! Ken.

December 2013 Sigma đánh giá NikonCanonLEICAPentax Sony

Sample Image Files (more are in the review)


Canary Palm at f/1.8 at 18mm. 24MP.. DX Nikon D7100, f/1.8 at 1/800 at ISO 100. Full-resolution (5 MB; the palm isn"t flat so much isn"t in focus).


Canary Palm at f/1.8 at 35mm. 24MP DX Nikon D7100, f/1.8 at 1/640 at ISO 100. Camera-original LARGE BASIC JPG (5 MB; the palm isn"t flat so much isn"t in focus).


Intro Specifications Performance Recommendations

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This Sigma 18-35milimet f/1.8 is an optically superb lens, but it"s also much bigger & heavier than similar fixed lenses like the superb Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX. The 18-35milimet zoom range only works out to lớn be equivalent to lớn about 28-55milimet on full-frame; not exactly more useful than a fixed lens.

Optically this lens is extraordinary —but it"s too big and heavy, has a silly zoom range, and I have little confidence that this lens will work with whatever camera I"m using ten years from now. When I invest in pro lenses from Canon, LEICA & Nikon, I know they"ll still be performing decades from now. All my Canon, LEICA & Nikon lenses from 25 years ago still work perfectly today, while I have older Sigma lenses that work on cameras of their vintage, but not on today"s cameras. Likewise, my repairman has had too much experience with 7-year old Sigma lenses for which parts aren"t available, making those expensive Sigma lenses into paperweights, while the pro brands are easy lớn service.

If you don"t mind the weight and don"t worry about the future, the Sigma 18-35milimet works fantastically well today. This 18-35mm f/1.8 is ultrasharp at every setting, even wide-open.

Focus is silent, & you may grab the ring at any time for instant manual focus override. At least on the Nikon version I tried, Sigma finally has this figured out.

Specifications top

Intro Specifications Performance Recommendations


Sigma calls this the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC A.

DC: Won"t work on full-frame; only works on APS-C format cameras.

A: "Art" series, just marketing BS.


17 elements in 12 groups.

Aspherical. Look at the reflections from the front element and you"ll see just how wildly aspherical it is.

Multicoated mostly in yellow-green.

Internal focusing. Nothing moves externally as focused.



Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8.

9 rounded blades.

Stops down lớn f/16.

Very round at large apertures, while still giving great sunstars stopped down. Bravo!


DX & APS-C, only.

Won"t work well on 35milimet film, Full-Frame or FX; the corners will be blachồng at any setting wider than 28milimet.

Focal Lengthtop


When used on a DX or APS-C camera, it sees an angle of view similar khổng lồ what a 28-55mm lens sees when used on an FX or 35milimet camera.

Angle of Viewtop

76.5 ~ 44.2° diagonally.

Cthảm bại Focustop

0.92 foot (0.28 meters) from the image plane.

Maximum Reproduction Ratiotop

1:4.3 (0.23x).

Hard Infinity Focus Stop?top


You have khổng lồ let the AF system focus at infinity.

Focus Scaletop

Yes, but pretty much illegible.

Depth-of-Field Scaletop


Infra-Red Focus Indextop


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Aperture Ringtop


Filter Threadtop

72 milimet, plastic.

Does not move.


Sigma specifies 3.07" (77.9 mm) diameter by 4.76" (120.9 mm) extension from flange.


28.5đôi mươi oz. (808.55g), actual measured.

Sigma specifies 28.2 oz. (800 g).



LH-780-06 Hood on Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC.

Plastic LH-780-06 bayonet hood, included.



Case, Sigma 18-35milimet f/1.8 DC.

Nice padded nylon case included.


Lens, caps & hood.



Made in top

Lens made in Japan.

Warranty top

1 year.

Sigma USA"s trang web implies 3 years for the USA.


White cardboard box.


Box, Sigma 18-35milimet f/1.8 DC.

In this box sits the lens inside a plastic bag which sits with the hood inside the case. The case is the padding - there is no foam.


Summer 2013.


November 2013.

Price, USAtop

August-December 2013: $800.


Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC. enlarge.


Intro Specifications Performance Recommendations

OverallAutofocus Bokeh Màu sắc Coma

Distortion Ergonomics Falloff Filters

Focus Breathing Ghosts Hood Lateral Color Fringes

MacroMechanics Sharpness Sunstars

Overall performance top

The Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC has fantastic optics — but its mechanics and potential camera incompatibility are why you pay less for Sigma than for professional Nikon or Canon lenses.

Autofocus performance top


AF works great on my Nikon D7100.

It"s fast enough & super-accurate so that I can take advantage of this lens" great sharpness at f/1.8.

AF Speed

AF tốc độ is plenty fast.

AF Accuracy

On my Nikon D7100, AF was dead-on for every frame, especially shot at f/1.8 where this is critical.

Manual Focus

Manual focus is swell, just grab the ring at any time.

Manual Focus Override

Manual focus override works great, at least on the Nikon version I tried.

Bokeh performance top

Bokeh, the character of out of focus backgrounds, is pretty good. Backgrounds go soft và never distract.

màu sắc Rendition performance top

The color rendition seems about the same as my Nikkor AF lenses.

Coma performance top

Coma (saggital coma flare) often causes weird smeared blobs khổng lồ appear around bright points of light in the corners of fast or wide lenses at large apertures. In lenses that have sầu it, coma goes away as stopped down.

I saw no coma with this aspherical lens! Whoo hoo; coma has always been the weak point of fast wide zoom lenses, và Sigma made it go away. As you can see in this phokhổng lồ, points of light stay as points. Bravo!


Christmas Lights at f/1.8. Nikon D7100, 18-35mm at 18mm, f/1.8 at 1/30 at ISO 1,400. Full-resolution file.

Distortion performance top

The Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC has moderately svào barrel distortion at the wider end and moderately strong pincushion distortion at the longer end.

No Nikon or Canon camera will be able lớn correct this automatically, as many of these cameras can vị for their own-brand lenses today. What you get is what you get unless you want khổng lồ much with it in Photocửa hàng.

Most of the distortion can be corrected by plugging these figures inlớn Photoshop"s lens distortion filter. These aren"t facts or specifications, they are the results of my research that requires hours of photography và calculations on the resulting data.